Conky On Mac

Everything began with my encounter with Linux. …Then it all happened fast

I grasped the idea of having conky on the mac -for the first time- when I was 14 years old. Back then I had too little knowledge of programming languages and computers in general. All I could do was visualise how awesome would it be using it on the platform I loved. It didn’t just start there though.

Everything began with my encounter with Linux. When I saw an old CD of Manjaro in my father’s office, I asked him to burn me a copy of Linux and some days later he handed me a CD with the newest version of Ubuntu. I installed it immediately on my (then) PC and started tinkering with it. From that point, it all happened fast: First the introduction to the Unix world where everything worked differently from Windows and mostly everything was great, then the introduction to programming (C/C++) and ofcourse conky.

Fast forward 4 years and there it was: conky was making its first steps into the apple platform. First I had to get it to build, then link, then rule out everything that wasn’t working and keep everything that did, and finally, the most difficult part: implement missing functionality while based on the linux implementation.

conky was officially ported to macOS at 4 July 2018, when my first pull request was merged into upstream bringing basic compatibility with macOS.

One thing brought the other and one year later from the day I began the port, conky supported multi-core CPU statistics, memory statistics and some cool macOS-specific features.

This is how it looks right now: conky

For all those geeks out there who came from Linux to macOS and miss their beloved conky here are the links: (you can find anything in the respective Wiki page)

conky for macOS: